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Monday, February 11, 2013

Our First Weekend in San Diego

Well as weekends go, this one went fast but was not followed by the impending doom of going back to the office on Monday morning which was nice. Well, for me at least. Ryan starts class for his SERE (Search Evasion Resistance and Evasion) training this week and on Friday he ships off to the desert for a week so I imagine you'd get a different answer from him. Neither of us are looking forward to that but he'll have a week off after that so that's something to look forward to.

The house hunt is at a sort of standstill. We are waiting to hear back about one house we REALLY want and if that one doesn't work out, there is one in the same neighborhood that we would like as well. I hope we get a leased signed soon because I'm so ready to be in a house, have my dog back and get back into a routine. Ryan and I have learned over this week that we are definitely people of habit and structure so being out of any sort of routine has us feeling a bit off. Also, a week without your pup is no fun. But, in the meantime, we've done the best we can to see a bit more of San Diego and enjoy our new city. By that I mean, we went on gorgeous runs and ate food we normally wouldn't.  

Plastic cups are the new wine glasses

The view of Coronado Island from our evening jog.

How we rewarded ourselves for our jog. My arteries still hurt.

Since when did we become dessert people? In any case, holy cannoli. Literally.


Well that was our weekend and hopefully tomorrow I'll have exciting news that we have a  house! Say a prayer and send us good vibes :)


  1. So I have decided I suck at this whole blogging thing. But I am REALLY good at commenting on yours. Ashley and I missed you this weekend. But hopefully we can plan a trip to visit you soon-ish/end of summer lol.

    Good luck on the house! It looked perfect to fingers crossed the accept Bruce who is BASICALLY a year old. We can round up.

    Miss and Love you guys!

  2. Waaahh thanks! i miss you ladies but glad you both had so much fun. also, i need to follow your blog so i can be as good as you at commenting. do you have a link to follow it? i'll just be checking it out because i don't have any time to spare (sarcasm).

  3. Looks like an awesome weekend in San Diego! I've never had the opportunity to try a cannoli, but wow it looks absolutely delicious! How yummy!